Saturday, 8 January 2011

Nut roasts

Oh no, actually NetRoots - today's big event for the political 'centre-left', or Communists of various types, most pretending not to be. It was not an altogether auspicious occasion, apparently.

The first trouble those following the conference on-line experienced was that they didn't know what hash-tag to use on Twitter, so ended up with two of them. Really clever!

At the event itself, there was a debate on whether they should still call each other "comrades", someone was lambasted for having a Nestle chocolate bar, and so it went on.

Their 'best' idea seems to have been to host all significant left-wing blogs on a common server. I'm all in favour of that: whenever the server goes down, they all vanish from sight for the duration! It's what we call the all-eggs-in-one-basket scenario...

Perhaps the true validity (or lack of it) was summed up by this Top Tweet by Puffles2010:

"Puffles thinks that the big cheeses at the conference should spend a few weeks in working class communities..."

There's your real disconnect, summed up so well and becoming the Top Tweet in the #netroots conversation, which in itself tells us how true it rang with Twitterers. Champagne Socialists like Polly Toynbee and the rest of the Islington Set have no idea what "working class" really means, and everyone knows it - even from their own side.of the political divide!

UPDATE: Jackart seems to have sussed out what they're trying to do, better than I was able; also that "they are doomed to fail" as he puts it.

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