Thursday, 20 January 2011

Quote of the day - 20 Jan 2011

From Fraser Nelson, on the switch of Shadow Chancellor from Alan Johnson to Ed Balls:

"As for Alan Johnson - what a farce. Ed Milliband [sic] looks like a plank. Choosing a Shadow Chancellor is the most important thing you can do as Opposition Leader. He chose wrong, and everyone thinks so. Even the man he appointed."

Despite that, Ed Miliband said, when he appointed Johnson, that Ed Balls was the wrong man for the job. What has changed all of a sudden? Sheer desperation through lack of talent and ability within the Labour parliamentary party?

Meanwhile, it turns out that Johnson's "personal" reasons for resigning are not to do with illness (it looks to be genuinely so, actually); and Ed Balls has been spotted grinning like a Cheshire cat ever since the announcement that he is to take over.

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