Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Tweet of the day - 9 March 2011

From Guido, after today's Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs):

Labour line on Dave [Cameron] has fully swung from "posh smoothie hiding dangerous radical right-wing neo-Thatcherite plan" to "he's incompetent".

Ed Miliband's "he's incompetent" line was very obviously pre-scripted and frankly didn't work: it was mis-timed and the context wasn't suited for such an attack. Cameron had been very competent at dealing with everything that Red Ed had thrown at him, and the general view of the commentariat seems to have been that, despite a less than top performance today, Cameron had completely flattened Ed-M.

He even turned around a suggestion of 'knifing' his Foreign Secretary: Cameron responded that the only who had done that was Miliband (against his brother David, who had been Foreign Sec' in the Brown government).

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