Friday, 4 March 2011

Seat equalisation

The two-year exercise to redraw Britain's parliamentary constituencies to reduce their number by fifty and to equalise their electorate sizes begins today.

A good sign (though not worded that way in the media) is that it really does promise to reduce if not eliminate the considerable pro-Labour bias under the present boundaries. That has always been unfair to voters throughout the nation, and frankly disgusting - there was never any genuine excuse for it and it should have been tackled a long time ago.

Now of course there will be a Labour outcry, supported by their pals in the various media. Typical Socialism of course: everything is "unfair" unless it is tilted heavily in their own favour. This work, though, will be to the advantage of the voting public rather than any political party. The playing field will end up more or less level, and no-one honest is going to bleat about that!

Update: Conservative Home has written in similar terms to the above, with  a regional breakdown of the number of seats to be removed.

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