Monday, 21 March 2011

Protests in Britain

The political Left in Britain love "causes" that they support (often invent themselves, in fact) and gain themselves some publicity for being the good guys and supporting "the ordinary people of Britain".

The latest in a long line of these is the UK Uncut outfit, whose clearly-stated goal is to occupy other people's property (just follow that link and check the left side) and harm them in other ways, targeting those businesses they claim (usually erroneously) are not paying huge amounts of tax due in this country.

Frankly, they are criminals, trying to hide behind the tolerant nature of our laws toward non-violent protest.

Of course, it's all really driven by the Communist puppetmasters who themselves stay conveniently hidden away so are never caught or identified; although the British Communist Party itself is usually to be found on marches and at rallies (I have photos showing this).

This piece from a new (to me) name at The Spectator, successfully debunks UK Uncut, and is worth reading through in order to gain a clearer overall picture of what these outfits are really like.

The "anti-cuts" march in London this coming weekend is a classic example of the artificiality of all this and Labour hypocrisy. Labour people are tweeting that they'll be there, spouting the Labour party line about cuts "too soon, too deep". Yet it is on the public record that Labour's Shadow Chancellor (this month's one) Ed Balls has claimed recently that he was fully supportive of the Darling deficit reduction plan which is almost identical to what the Coalition Government is implementing, both in terms of timing (identical) and amount (similar: £14 billion rather than the Coalition's £16 billion).

Therefore their whole stance is a lie, and an obvious one. Of course, those who go on these events aren't usually all that bright, on the whole, as they are obviously being fooled whenever a stunt of this nature is being pulled. The majority of such events fall into that category, and anyone capable of thinking straight would realise that and keep away.

Apart, that is, from those who are actually using it as an excuse to "get one over" on those they hate for whatever reason. Usually it is unreasoning hatred; but the Lefties are like that: full of hatred, spite and downright nastiness. They've always been the same, at least throughout my lifetime of around half a century.

Thus it is safe to ignore whatever protests these bods dream up and attend; but it will be useful to have all of them identified so that all genuinely decent people can shun them in future, which is what they all deserve!

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