Wednesday, 29 September 2010

We've got our party back!

So said a Trade Union delegate at the Labour party conference, speaking to Lord Kinnock after Ed Miliband's speech as the new party leader.

Neil, who was never the brightest of kids on the block, thought this was a shared expression of good news. Of course, most of the rest of us would have realised that this was meant as the Unions getting back their political wing, the Labour party. If one thinks about it, it couldn't really have meant anything else, especially when one remembers that many of the biggest Unions pushed for Ed M to be the new leader.

The Unite union alone sent out over a million leaflets to its members, urging them to vote for Ed M. Okay, so only around a tenth of the recipients actually voted, which probably explains why the final result of the leadership contest was so close. Ed M did win, though, and yesterday he showed that he was still very much of the political left and at heart pro-Union, despite the rhetoric in his speech.

It is good to have been told so soon that the Unions are that certain they have their man in charge of "their" party. Now we know what Labour is going to stand for, and who it actually represents.

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