Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Miliband D departs

As expected, David Miliband has, this afternoon, declared he is returning to the back benches and will not stand for a position in his brother's shadow cabinet.

Speaking to Sky's Adam Boulton he gave his reasons, in which there was nothing that hadn't already been anticipated and covered in the media.

Specifically, he used the formulaic lines used by outgoing leaders that he wanted to give brother Ed "some space" and will be "a loyal supporter" of Ed's leadership. He also said that he feels he "can best serve the party from the backbenches".

Several commenters in various places have said in recent days that this would be a good thing for the Labour party, others have said it would be bad, each giving what generally seemed to be well thought out reasons for their claim, so it isn't a clear-cut view one way or the other.

The Telegraph's Robert Colville can't think of any achievement by David during all his years in mainstream politics, including his ministerial positions. This suggests that it won't really make any difference!

Time will tell, no doubt.

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