Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ed Miliband roundup - 28 September 2010

David Blackburn, Spectator
"Opportunistic Ed stuttering for an authentic voice"
There is little doubt that Ed M was for years behind a number of policies he has now disowned, including the party manifesto he wrote, but he now has to use this 'clean slate' opportunity to create a new image.

Benedict Brogan, Telegraph
"How Brown is Red Ed?"
The 'buzz' suggests Gordon Brown engineered some of Ed M's support.

Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home
"Only 36% of voters think 'weird' Ed Miliband is up to the job of being PM"
This is according to a Populus poll of over 2,000 people.

Coffee House live blog of Ed Miliband's conference speech
A less partisan appraisal than those attending who were interviewed (see following link).

Media interviews of reactions to Ed Miliband's conference speech
What notable (or should that be "not able"?) Labour figures thought of it.

FT Westminster blog: Angry David Miliband leaves conference
"...when Ed Miliband criticised the Iraq invasion. David, stony-faced, refused to clap"
So much for brotherly love!

Guardian: David Miliband voices displeasure during Labour leader's speech
"David Miliband ....was heard chastising Harriet Harman for clapping when Ed Miliband described the war against Iraq as 'wrong'."
This seems to be the biggest brotherly rift we've yet seen.

ITN: The Miliband speech
They have the Mili-D/Harman bit on video, two minutes in.

Guido Fawkes: The new generation
"[Ed M's] speech was apparently 8,000 words long, took over an hour and the weird staring into the distance blank pause at the beginning was Ed waiting for the Autocue to start."
I had wondered about that last bit!

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